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Project 52 Week 16 {Perspective}

We watched a pair of red finches build this nest in a tree near our front door over the past several weeks. The kids and I talked a lot about how hard they were working, how carefully they were preparing this nest for the babies that would soon fill it.

After some strong winds this week, we came home one day to find the nest laying in the grass, the new babies nearby. They did not survive the fall. The momma finch sat in the tree watching me as I took in the scene, my heart breaking for her.

I know she is just a bird - and she will likely have many more nests and even more babies to fill them. But I couldn't help but feel heartbroken for her. She had worked so hard, she had taken such care in lining her nest with downy feathers to welcome her babies. I thought about this scene from her perspective.

Have you ever take the time to look at a nest up close? It's truly amazing what these little birds are capable of in the home-building department.

Here's hoping that they re-build this spring in the same tree. We still see the pair coming and going so my fingers are crossed for her. :)

Project 52 Week 16 {perspective}


janet said...

Yes, they are amazing.
At the nature center near me they have different nests displayed and the oriole nest looks like wool that has been washed (can't remember what that is called...)
I would have cried.

Just Rhonda said...

Yep totally amazing! Beautiful shot!

Naomi said...

OH, that is so sad. Beautiful shot of the nest!

Andrea said...

Very sad! Beautiful nest though. It's amazing to watch them build them. We had robins build a nest on our deck last spring. They laid three eggs and something got to all of them. One day they were all gone.

Heidi said...

How heartbreaking for that mama finch, but beautiful shot.

stacey said...

We can't help but see the scene from their perspective. Poor mama bird. And I agree that nests are amazing!