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Last night at bedtime, I told this little beauty that she wasn't allowed to wake up and turn five years old this morning. After lots of convincing, I reluctantly agreed to let her turn five.

On one condition.

She's not allowed to turn six.

Don't you wish it worked that way?

04 17 12_0004_editBW_Web

04 17 12_0008_editBW

04 17 12_0014_edit

04 17 12_0015_edit


ZeldaMom said...

What a doll, the last photo is how my daughter routinely posed.
5 is a great age.
Happy birthday!

Andrea said...

She is just too cute. :) And that last photo is just perfect! That's what five is all about, right?
Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. Love her in her glasses.

Dawson Cattle Company said...

too cute! they just grow up too fast. Happy Birthday to your girl!

Amanda Kelley said...

OMG---one of these cutest little girls I've ever seen! :) Such perfect shots and the silliness---to die for cute :) She'll definately be a heartbreaker someday.

stacey said...

Totally burst into a huge smile when I scrolled down and saw that last one :) She's so cute and you can just see her personality shine in these shots.

I so wished it worked that way!

Lauren said...

I love her. Happy belated miss izzy boo. Hugs!