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stream of consciousness

My head is a crazy mess today. For one, I have finally succumbed to the nasty cold that is going around. My head feels like it weighs 38 pounds and I sound like a woman named Madge who smokes 3 packs a day.


Isabel has pink eye. Sweet. We love pink eye. Trying to keep a 3 year old from touching her face and eyes - and washing her hands immediately afterward if she does - is a full time job, people. Seriously. Any bets on when Caroline and Jack get it? It won't be long, I assure you.


I'm taking an amazing photography workshop right now. The tag line is "Turning wannabes into photographers". I'm in the right place. I'm being challenged, encouraged and pushed in ways that I haven't been in a long, long time. It feels really good to be doing something selfish - something that is just for me - and I'm learning so much. I'm "meeting" lots of other aspiring photographers from all across the world and getting a glimpse into their lives is refreshing. Skiing in Switzerland makes for some pretty beautiful photos. Jealous!!

A photo from my "homework" this past week - we worked on exposure and metering. Learned so, so much!



Caroline has been working on her own book this week titled "Cow in the House." It's a masterpiece. She is quite proud of her work. We'll be needing a literary agent in no time, I'm sure.


If this doesn't make you smile, you're crazy. I love Caroline's arm wrapped around his shoulder.



Though I've read this passage dozens of times, I found it really speaking to me this morning: "You shall also be so beautiful and prosperous, a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord." Isaiah 62:3 So amid my self-doubt and shortcomings, I am reminded that I am a daughter of the King. It's humbling. It's amazing. And it's enough.

my girls

When I look at these two together, my girls, my heart feels as though it may burst out of my chest.

They are complete opposites of one another - one is sweet and sensitive, measured in all she does. The other is spunky, funny and very spirited. They are two parts of a whole - neither one is quite the same, or complete, without the other.

The giggles, the smiles, the wild laughter between these two...it's enough to carry me through the rest of my life.


Miss Caroline has been running a fever since Tuesday afternoon. We've been to the pediatrician twice without any answers about the infections in her eyes and the terrible headaches and sore throat. All of the usual suspects have been ruled out - strep, pink eye, etc. So, we wait. And we color. And we read. A current favorite at our house is Strega Nona. Have you read this one? It's about an old woman and her magic pasta pot. Strega Nona is quite a gal - she cures headaches, makes special potions for the girls who want husbands and she was very good at getting rid of warts. She's a jack (jill?) of all trades....gotta respect a girl like that.



I needed a willing subject for a photography workshop assignment I'm working on right now and this is what I got....the many faces of Isabel. As a side note to all my photography friends - I love B&W processing. What tips do you have for making photos really pop in B&W? These photos are just a bit dull for my taste - the contrast just isn't there. Any advice or tips are appreciated!




a boy and his toys

My little man, Jack, is 10 months old today. I remember exactly how I was feeling before he was born - wondering how I would adjust to a third child, wondering how the girls would adjust and just how much our lives would change. He has been such a blessing and has completed our family. He is such a happy guy and is developing a distinct personality and place in our family.

Jack loves cars, trucks and balls. Anything that moves or has wheels. He's
such a boy! His favorite cars are these "zoom-zoom" cars that my sister-in-law and her fiance gave him for Christmas....they put on a lot of miles.


076edit copy

This little bugger moves so fast these days I have a hard time catching him! Working on my shutter speeds so I don't cut his head off anymore...


I came across this photo of our sweet Caroline from Christmas (yes, we do call her that). I think in my mind I will always see her this way - 5 years old with a toothless smile on her face. I simply adore this girl.


here we go...

I can't believe I'm actually doing this. This is so very far out of my comfort zone I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm really starting this blog for myself. I've discovered I have a passion for photography and am jumping in with both feet in this new year. I want to be able to look back at the pictures on these pages next year and hopefully realize how far I've come in my photography and to be able to recognize a unique perspective that is all my own. I want to look back at the pictures on these pages and see a life well lived.