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Miss Caroline has been running a fever since Tuesday afternoon. We've been to the pediatrician twice without any answers about the infections in her eyes and the terrible headaches and sore throat. All of the usual suspects have been ruled out - strep, pink eye, etc. So, we wait. And we color. And we read. A current favorite at our house is Strega Nona. Have you read this one? It's about an old woman and her magic pasta pot. Strega Nona is quite a gal - she cures headaches, makes special potions for the girls who want husbands and she was very good at getting rid of warts. She's a jack (jill?) of all trades....gotta respect a girl like that.



I needed a willing subject for a photography workshop assignment I'm working on right now and this is what I got....the many faces of Isabel. As a side note to all my photography friends - I love B&W processing. What tips do you have for making photos really pop in B&W? These photos are just a bit dull for my taste - the contrast just isn't there. Any advice or tips are appreciated!





Stacey said...

Isabel is so cute!! Love that last one with her cute little grin. I hope your class is going great, I'm sure it's been hard this week with a sick one at home.

And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Love hearing from you! We really must plan that coffee/play date soon! We really should meet in person one of these days! :-)

Sarah said...

Hey Amanda! I am at T&C's visiting with your dad. It's good to see him. I was having withdrawals from all my "blog buddies" since I don't have a computer right now, so I hopped on theirs. Do you use photoshop? If so, adjust your curves a bit to increase your contrast. Black and Whites are the hardest, I think. Good luck. Practice makes perfect.:) Hope Caroline feels better soon!

Jenny said...

Try shooting directly in b&w, rather than converting from original color. Also, think about a custom white balance first. (Are you doing the 503 Happenings workshop?! I'm very interested in it.) Loving your photos and your blog. Hope your girl feels better soon.

HB design & photography said...

If you have Photoshop, try adding a layer brightness and contrast....move the bright and contrast slides up...you will see things pop! Good luck and let me know how it goes. Miss you!