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the pendulum

I took these photos the other night and I'm in love with them. My lens completely fogged up when I sat down in the damp grass to start shooting. It's been so very humid and hot here lately and the air is heavy and saturated. At first I kept trying to wipe my lens off and clear the condensation that was forming. But when I checked the images on my LCD screen I think I actually said, "oh my..." out loud. I just loved the softness and the warm, golden glow in the background from the setting sun.

And then when I converted them to black and white I thought I might just die and go to heaven. I really love them. The pendulum of self-doubt and criticism swings violently from one extreme to the other around here - either I love my photos and don't care what others think or feel when they see them or I completely question why I even own a camera. It doesn't make any sense, does it? Lately, okay like the last 3 days, I've really been enjoying my photos. I think I'd like to stay on this ride a little longer, please.



just love

no words today. just love.




...and my favorite...

life is funny

It's funny how life works out. It's rarely what we've planned or dreamed for ourselves.

I was going to have a big girl job at a big time agency downtown.

I was going to wear great shoes and work 12 hour days.

My career was going to be super important; it was going to define me. I was going to be successful.

Matt and I were going to travel and enjoy lots of great restaurants with friends.

I was not going to drive a mini-van. Or wear yoga pants in public.

Life is funny that way. It's rarely what we've planned or dreamed for ourselves.

I look at all I have now - my family, my husband, my "work." I cannot believe these things were not part of my dreams. Or maybe they were always my dreams but I just didn't know it....not yet.


{happiness is...}

{happiness is...} Superman ice cream. Or pretty much any kind of ice cream if you are a member of our family.

A new ice cream shop opened up in our little town last week - Cow Interrupted. How cute is that? Its a great little place and I really hope they sell lots and lots of ice cream.

I snapped a few photos of the girls and as I looked through them I had to laugh. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered in the past 4 years how they could have possibly come from the same womb. They are so completely different. Izzie stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes in every single photo and Caroline just smiled sweetly. Izzie was also wearing one of her signature outfits - her tye-dyed Wee Tigers preschool shirt, a cotton floral skirt (a very frequent choice) and an apron. Don't ask. Oh, and purple socks (which not only did not match her outfit, they didn't even match each other) with sneakers. That's serious couture right there. And Miss Caroline just sat sweetly on the bench outside, smiling for the camera when it was pointed her way. And Jack? Fugetaboutit...I can barely keep up with him, let alone get a photo of him lately. He's my new Mission Impossible. ;)



baby j's 1st birthday

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from a recent day at the Zoo with a very special one-year old. His mom and dad asked me to spend the morning with them at the zoo to capture his first visit there and his first birthday. He was really unsure of me at first but thankfully he warmed up after just a bit and was sweet as pie.

Just when I don't think I can see where this whole photography thing is going, I get a phone call or email to take photos for someone else. And it is in these times that I remind myself, once again, that I don't have to worry about what's ahead or what it all means or what I should be doing. Getting these calls and emails is confirmation that it's all good - that I'm right where I should be. I have been given this passion for photography and He continues to bless me and show me that I am on the path that he is laying out before me.

On to some adorable baby photos!!

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{happiness is...}

{happiness is...} a slip 'n slide. 'nough said.







{happiness is...}

Many of my blogger friends and photographers that I follow do a series each week or post images related to a special project that they are involved in or working on. While I love the idea of a Project 365 or 52, or a weekly theme to keep me motivated and snapping away, let's be real - it ain't happenin'. I couldn't keep up and then I would beat myself up about it and what's the point in that? This isn't high school and I'm not being graded here. But I just know myself and I know that's what would happen so I just save myself from all that nonsense. See? I AM getting smarter as I get older.

But, what I have decided to do is my own little series that I'm calling {happiness is...}. Each of us has something each day to be thankful for, to celebrate. Here's to looking at all the ways happiness shows up in my life...

{happiness is...} a goofy baby that tries to dress himself in daddy's scrubs. He has a crazy laugh and we can't help but laugh right along with him.


sneak peek

These days I'm often asking, "what's next for me?" or "what am I supposed to do now?" or "what will come of this?" I wonder for myself, for my kids, for my sweet husband, for my close friends. There are times when I would do just about anything to know what's on the other side, to have a sneak peek at what's ahead.

But then I remind myself: He's got this. "For I know the plans I have for you..." (Jer 29:11). I can rest in the peace that only He can bring - I don't have to know what's ahead or all that's in store for me because HE does. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. And in case I need any more affirmation, I just look into these beautiful eyes and all is right with the world. I can smile and know that everything is going to be just as it should be.