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life is funny

It's funny how life works out. It's rarely what we've planned or dreamed for ourselves.

I was going to have a big girl job at a big time agency downtown.

I was going to wear great shoes and work 12 hour days.

My career was going to be super important; it was going to define me. I was going to be successful.

Matt and I were going to travel and enjoy lots of great restaurants with friends.

I was not going to drive a mini-van. Or wear yoga pants in public.

Life is funny that way. It's rarely what we've planned or dreamed for ourselves.

I look at all I have now - my family, my husband, my "work." I cannot believe these things were not part of my dreams. Or maybe they were always my dreams but I just didn't know it....not yet.



stacey said...

Life IS funny, isn't it? It's obvious you are doing what He made you to do. You are a fantastic mom.

And these pics of Jack? Oh my. Melt my heart. Looks like you accomplished that mission impossible! These are just adorable. Love the black and white conversion you did. You captured him perfectly. (And his hair is PERFECT. Leave those curls as long as you can!!!)


Andrea said...

My life is most certainly not what I planned. And I'm still struggling to adjust. Mostly to adjust to who this new "me" is as mom and wife. I guess we spend our whole lives adjusting though, don't we?