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{happiness is...} Superman ice cream. Or pretty much any kind of ice cream if you are a member of our family.

A new ice cream shop opened up in our little town last week - Cow Interrupted. How cute is that? Its a great little place and I really hope they sell lots and lots of ice cream.

I snapped a few photos of the girls and as I looked through them I had to laugh. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered in the past 4 years how they could have possibly come from the same womb. They are so completely different. Izzie stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes in every single photo and Caroline just smiled sweetly. Izzie was also wearing one of her signature outfits - her tye-dyed Wee Tigers preschool shirt, a cotton floral skirt (a very frequent choice) and an apron. Don't ask. Oh, and purple socks (which not only did not match her outfit, they didn't even match each other) with sneakers. That's serious couture right there. And Miss Caroline just sat sweetly on the bench outside, smiling for the camera when it was pointed her way. And Jack? Fugetaboutit...I can barely keep up with him, let alone get a photo of him lately. He's my new Mission Impossible. ;)




Andrea said...

Cow Interrupted. How cool is that? Great name for an ice cream shop. :) That ice cream looks like an interesting combo of flavors.

penandview said...

Ha! My 11 year old is still my Mission Impossible. :)
And ice cream is our family happiness too.

stacey said...

I just saw that place the other day! We were missing the other ice cream place that was there. It's so fun to go downtown and have ice cream! Can't wait to try it!

Love that pic of Caroline. Can't wait to meet her in person tomorrow! :-)