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This little post is devoted especially to my sweet girl and a couple of photos that, to me, capture who she is. Let me preface all further commentary by saying that we love this kid like crazy. And she drives me crazy many days. She is very spirited, and there is no gray area with her. It's either black or white, right or so, so wrong, pink or not-pink. You are either her BFF or her arch-enemy. If you cross her, I've got two words for ya - look out. Her stink-eye alone is enough to send you to the corner, cryin' for yo mama. There simply is no middle ground with her. She is incredibly sensitive and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a gem.

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Every day, this child brings a smile to my face. Last week as I was making her most often requested lunch (PB & J sandwich, yogurt and "cold water with two ice cubes"), she makes her way over to where I'm standing and says, "Table for one, please." She was totally serious. I started to laugh, she gave me her famous stink-eye, I stopped laughing and fell into my role as waitress at Cafe Isabel. She loves my British accent.

Her other favorite phrases right now all include the words "responsible" and "respect". As we arm-wrestled over who was going to brush her teeth she said "I am the responsible boss of my own teeth. You are not respecting me, Mommy." (Insert famous stink-eye again.) This little lady is going to give us a run for our money.


Perhaps the most wonderful thing about our girl, though, is her sensitivity and her love for her brother and sister.


Isabel will be 4 in April. She has truly been a gift to us. More and more, I realize, she is teaching me lessons that I still need in my own life. All kidding aside, I believe she has been given to me as a life-long lesson in patience and endurance. Honestly. That this lesson is given to me daily in such a wild and funny and beautiful package is His way of sugar coating the hard work that must come from me.

And now, if you'll excuse me, Lady Isabel is waiting...I have dragons to slay and a princess to rescue from the tower. Why do I always have to be Prince Charming? ;)

smiling eyes

It seems like many, many of the photos I'm taking lately are of Jack. I'll try to get my girlies in front of the lens this week. Miss Caroline is FINALLY getting one of her front teeth so we'll see if we can't catch that. It's funny to actually see her with teeth...it's been a long time since we had anything goin' on in front. And Iz doesn't usually sit still for longer than about 1.4 seconds so she's hard to catch. Note to self: capture girls and self this week in photos. But, for today, here's our John Boy.


humbled & amazed


Today I was brought to my knees, humbled and amazed, by His grace and faithfulness in my life and that of someone I love dearly. A heart that is stirring and curious, hopeful and seeking. A prayer answered.

It's easy to believe sometimes that He is not listening; that He has much bigger things and much more important people to attend to than me and my choppy, rambling prayers for those I love. But not today.

A little Logan love

Meet Logan. He's the son of a very dear, sweet friend of mine. We met when the kids - Caroline, Logan and his twin sister, Jillian - started preschool together at three years old. This little man cracks me up and he's smarter than I am in so many ways, including the following: he knows more than I do about my baby gates, my washing machine and my car. Honestly. I just love that about him. He's very inquisitive and listens so intently when you explain to him how something works. You can literally see the gears turning in his little head. And you know what I think the very best, very sweetest thing about him is? He loooooves his momma. Fingers crossed for one just like him over here at my house.


happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day from my little sweethearts to you. Love always wins.

Valentine 8 Frontedit

11 months

I know everyone says it, but, seriously. I CANNOT believe Jack is 11 months old. Where has the time gone? It seems the time goes faster with each new little one...it's hard to believe we'll be celebrating his first birthday next month.

Some of my very favorite things about Jack right now:

{his teeth} Those two front "hippo blocks", as we call them, are adorable. And huge.

{his John Wayne-style walk} The little man walks like he's been riding the dusty trail for about 3 weeks straight.

{his crazy hair} I know, I know. Homeboy needs a haircut. My mom tells me it looks like he's wearing "a piece." Nice, Nana. I just can't bring myself to do it yet. Too bad I can't just throw a cute barrette in there and call it good. His father probably wouldn't appreciate that.

{his complete obsession with his Daddy} The girls were always, and still are, very attached to Daddy, but Jack takes it to another level. If Daddy is around, that's where you'll find Jack.

{his fascination with the girls} Everything they do is hilarious and entertaining. He waits by the front door in the afternoon for Caroline to get off the bus. When I say, "Here's the bus, Jack!" he starts clapping his hands. Seriously adorable.

{the way he plays with my hair while I rock him to sleep} Pure heaven. Takes my breathe away.



I spent a couple hours at the Conservatory in St. Paul this morning with my friend and fellow aspiring photog, Lacy. We shot for several hours and I was really happy with some of my photos. Here are a few of my faves....






p.s. GO PACK GO!! :)


Is there really such a thing as balance after you become a mother? The answer is simple, right? Yes. And no.

These days, I find myself in a constant balancing act - sparkly pink shoes and multicolored manicures for the girls or cleaning my bathroom? Dusting every surface of my house (which I assure you NEEDS to be done) or orchestrating and judging another American Girl fashion show? Taking photos and becoming more proficient in Photoshop or spending some time with the hubs after the kids are in bed? Helping my kids find themselves while not losing myself along the way. That's the balance.

I have committed to being more intentional with my time and with my family. Less Facebook. More dress-up. Fewer cartoons and Disney movies. More family reading and listening to Caroline read to us. More all-out family room dance parties after dinner. More listening, more serving together, more focus. Good things.