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11 months

I know everyone says it, but, seriously. I CANNOT believe Jack is 11 months old. Where has the time gone? It seems the time goes faster with each new little one...it's hard to believe we'll be celebrating his first birthday next month.

Some of my very favorite things about Jack right now:

{his teeth} Those two front "hippo blocks", as we call them, are adorable. And huge.

{his John Wayne-style walk} The little man walks like he's been riding the dusty trail for about 3 weeks straight.

{his crazy hair} I know, I know. Homeboy needs a haircut. My mom tells me it looks like he's wearing "a piece." Nice, Nana. I just can't bring myself to do it yet. Too bad I can't just throw a cute barrette in there and call it good. His father probably wouldn't appreciate that.

{his complete obsession with his Daddy} The girls were always, and still are, very attached to Daddy, but Jack takes it to another level. If Daddy is around, that's where you'll find Jack.

{his fascination with the girls} Everything they do is hilarious and entertaining. He waits by the front door in the afternoon for Caroline to get off the bus. When I say, "Here's the bus, Jack!" he starts clapping his hands. Seriously adorable.

{the way he plays with my hair while I rock him to sleep} Pure heaven. Takes my breathe away.



stacey said...

Oh he is too sweet. Love the photo, Amanda!! So great. And thank you again for meeting up with me the other night! So nice to chat face to face! Let's do it again soon. :-)