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last of summer

Today we'll finish a busy week of last-minute school shopping and open houses for the girls. Come Tuesday, we'll be sending these three beauties off to school. Isabel to her last year of preschool, Caroline to first grade and Nana to her 34th year of teaching English to pimple-faced, hormone-crazed teens.

We're off to celebrate Labor Day in a big way, Wisconsin-style, this weekend. Don't worry - I'll eat some deep fried cheese curds for you. I'm all about taking one for the team. ;) Enjoy your holiday weekend, friends!



nine years

Happy Anniversary to the guy that still makes my heart go pitter-patter.


not now

Here's what I know for sure: God, in his infinite wisdom, has plans and purpose for my life. There are no accidents. Nothing is random. Every gift and blessing I have comes from Him. All my trials and roadblocks in life serve a purpose though I cannot always see what that may be in the moment. Prayers are always answered. I may not like the answer. Maybe I won't see the answer to a prayer in this lifetime or in this earthly place. But I know that He is listening. And sometimes...maybe..."no" doesn't mean "no." Maybe it just means "not now."


not yet

you watch the big kids ride bikes and play hide-and-seek. you follow along behind them, jabbering and shouting, hoping they'll wait for you. they'll wait for you...but not yet.

you put your hands in your pockets like a big guy. i find all kinds of treasures stuffed into your grubby shorts at day's end.

you sit on their big wheels and try to get on your sister's bike. you're not quite there yet, buddy. not yet.

you will be there soon, sweet boy. you will chase and run and hide and seek. you will bike and you will skate and scoot. soon. but please. please, not yet. if i could bottle up this time and keep you little for just a little longer, believe me...i would.



the lake {part one}

We spent last week on the lake in northern Wisconsin with my parents and brother. We had a ball. We swam, fished, went for boat rides, drank cold beer and just really enjoyed being together.

I took some photos but not nearly as many as one might think. It seems funny to say but I felt like I didn't want to ruin it by horning in there with my camera all the time. I didn't want anything standing between me and the precious moments that were happening. I wanted to be fully present in those moments, rather than seeing the moments happen with the buffer of my camera in between us.

Sometimes having a camera to my face allows me to disconnect from real life and become lost in trying to capture what I see in my mind and what I see through the lens, trying to merge the two. And yet there are times when I want to get a shot and know that I should really pick up my camera but I can't bear to miss what's really happening. While photos allow us to remember and re-live special moments, they cannot take the place of really being there when they happen; being fully present in those moments with the people we love most.






tell me


"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
~Mary Oliver

precious new life

Is there anything more precious or life-affirming than a brand new baby? I think not.

Look how relaxed and beautiful mom looks. Seriously. This gorgeous gal just had a baby ten days ago. Ten days into this new life with three little girls, she is relaxed and taking it all in stride.

What a learning experience this was for me. Lighting, baby skin tones, posing a newborn, trying to get a newborn to stay "posed" for a few snaps. And relax. Breathe. Take it all in. This is such a fleeting, sweet time with these new little ones...soak it all up because baby J will be runnin' with the big girls in no time.

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bel air

My sweet hubby loves three things: his family, golf and cars. And the Packers. That's four things but he's allowed four things.

I love that photography is limitless - there is no limit to what you can capture in front of your lens. You are limited only by yourself and your imagination. While I love to capture sweet little faces and intimate moments, I'm pushing myself to capture other things too - things outside my comfort zone. Things that might be meaningful to others. Things that stretch my skill set and push me farther along in this journey.

This '53 Chevy Bel Air is something I would never really be interested in. But you know how when you love someone you take an interest in what they love? Well, this is right up my hubby's alley. He's all over this.

I don't love the reflection of my house and garage door. But I do love the angle I chose. What do you photograph that's outside your comfort zone? What have you learned by doing so?


a new friend

my girls have been hunters this week. hunting for frogs, toads, grasshoppers big and small. I love that these images say summer to me. Dirty finger nails, tank tops and little creatures from the yard.



{happiness is...}

{happiness is...} making monster cookies in your underwear.


My bloggy friend, Andrea, is joining me in this series. Hop on over to her corner of the world and take a look around. You will, no doubt, see some amazing photos there. Enjoy!


033edit copy

today I'm thankful for promises.
for true love.
for His grace.
that I am a work in progress, not just someone racing toward an unknown ~ there is a plan for me.
I'm thankful for the www. the inspiration I have found and friendships I have forged are are truly a gift. seriously...what did we do before the internet?
I'm thankful for my silly kiddos.
for my pajamas.
for People magazine and quiet time in the afternoon.