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bel air

My sweet hubby loves three things: his family, golf and cars. And the Packers. That's four things but he's allowed four things.

I love that photography is limitless - there is no limit to what you can capture in front of your lens. You are limited only by yourself and your imagination. While I love to capture sweet little faces and intimate moments, I'm pushing myself to capture other things too - things outside my comfort zone. Things that might be meaningful to others. Things that stretch my skill set and push me farther along in this journey.

This '53 Chevy Bel Air is something I would never really be interested in. But you know how when you love someone you take an interest in what they love? Well, this is right up my hubby's alley. He's all over this.

I don't love the reflection of my house and garage door. But I do love the angle I chose. What do you photograph that's outside your comfort zone? What have you learned by doing so?