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not yet

you watch the big kids ride bikes and play hide-and-seek. you follow along behind them, jabbering and shouting, hoping they'll wait for you. they'll wait for you...but not yet.

you put your hands in your pockets like a big guy. i find all kinds of treasures stuffed into your grubby shorts at day's end.

you sit on their big wheels and try to get on your sister's bike. you're not quite there yet, buddy. not yet.

you will be there soon, sweet boy. you will chase and run and hide and seek. you will bike and you will skate and scoot. soon. but please. please, not yet. if i could bottle up this time and keep you little for just a little longer, believe me...i would.




Andrea said...

aww...this post is just too sweet. i love it when the little guys put their hands in their pockets like the big guys. so cute.
and both of these photos are so precious. I love the bird's eye view of the second...look at that twirl of his hair..
i wish they didn't have to grow-up.

Dawson Cattle Company said...

adorable~! if only they wouldnt grow so fast.