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precious new life

Is there anything more precious or life-affirming than a brand new baby? I think not.

Look how relaxed and beautiful mom looks. Seriously. This gorgeous gal just had a baby ten days ago. Ten days into this new life with three little girls, she is relaxed and taking it all in stride.

What a learning experience this was for me. Lighting, baby skin tones, posing a newborn, trying to get a newborn to stay "posed" for a few snaps. And relax. Breathe. Take it all in. This is such a fleeting, sweet time with these new little ones...soak it all up because baby J will be runnin' with the big girls in no time.

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Andrea said...

Amanda, these are so lovely. Especially love the second and the last. What great captures for the family. :)

Stacey said...

So sweet and wonderful, Amanda.