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Project 52 Week 14 {Home}

There are approximately 957 Project 52s out there. Approximately.

Here's how it works: a totally amazing photographer puts out a theme for each week and you can post your interpretation of the theme on Flickr, Facebook, their blog, your blog, etc. Often they choose a winner or their favorites and post them and sometimes they even give away photography related prizes.

I decided to follow along with My Four Hens for 2012. As I said, there are so many to choose from so I just did an eeny-meeny-miney-mo (very well thought out and scientific, I know) and ended on M4H and she makes it super easy - just post your photo on Flickr each week. Easy peasy. Just my style.

So imagine my utter shock and bewilderment this week when one of my photos was chosen as one of her favorites. Especially when you see the other photos that she picked. Especially since it was a last-minute, hurry-up-and-shoot, not what I had planned for the theme photo. I am totally humbled. And still can't understand how Peeps stood up to all that {home} loveliness. For real.
You can see them all here.

Project 52 Week 14 {Home}


Liza B. Gonzalez said...

You're pretty amazing taking on two projects at once. I can barely do our Linked 52. Cute peeps!

Andrea said...

I love this peep family portrait. ;) I can see why this was chosen as a favorite. And I agree with Liza - how do you manage to do two projects?!

Altax said...

Excellent shot and wonderful picture.

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stacey said...

Way to go!!! I adore these little purple peeps! :)

Naomi said...

Congrats! What cute little peeps :)