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A challenge for myself: embrace the camera. Embrace photos of myself with my family. I know that I will look back at some point and really want to kick myself for not having more photos of me with my children and husband. I know how much I absolutely cherish photos of my brother and me with our parents and I want this for my own littles.

I want them to know I used to be young.

And I smiled often when I was with them.

And I loved their daddy like crazy.

And I wasn't too insecure to get in front of my own lens.

And I didn't always wear yoga pants.

And I loved them like I've never loved anything else on this whole cotton-pickin' Earth.

The End.

#embracethecamera 4.23.12


Sarah said...

Okay Amanda, this made me tear up for some reason! I think it is because the same goes for me. As much as I dislike being in front of the camera, I wish there were more times that I was.

stacey said...

Yes! Loved this post. Beautiful you. Can't wait to see more of beautiful you.

Unknown said...

I love it , it looks great.
YES, you Will regret not being in pictures. ( I know)

Andrea said...

LOVE this! You are beautiful friend!