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hold on, sister

Yes, they fight like cats and dogs. He swipes her glasses off her face in a drive-by sorta way and runs off. She retaliates and someone always ends up in tears. She bosses him around like she's the Queen of England. He sasses back to her in his 20 month-old dialect and she gets flaming mad. She tells him he doesn't get to go to Disney World. He swipes her lovey bear and runs off (are you seeing a pattern of behavior here?). All of the aforementioned happen on a daily - sometimes hourly - basis.

So imagine the little dance my heart does when I turn around after preschool pick-up and see this. No prompting from me, no polite begging to please be nice to one another for just 5 seconds. And then imagine me talking to myself (well, them, really) - "please hold hands for just 3 more seconds while I get my beloved iPhone out for a snap - I must capture photographic evidence that they can, indeed, love one another and be nice to one another for 5 seconds." I knew they could do it. :)

This mama's heart was so full it almost hurt.


Andrea said...

I saw this on Flickr and it made my heart happy. And, if I'm being honest here, it made me a little sad that Max won't have a sibling to hold hands with or fight with...(Not that I mean to bring you down with my issues!)
Ok, maybe I won't miss the fighting...;)