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totally random tuesday

How funny is this hat? And the fact that he looks like he is a cone head while wearing it? This makes me laugh. :)


Caroline wanted to be sure I snapped a photo of her showcasing her mad hula hoopin' skills for Uncle John. When I told her he wouldn't see it until we mailed him a real honest-to-goodness picture, she said, "well, that's fine. I can still go a lot longer than he can." Oh, sweet girl. I'm pretty sure he'll have some mad new skills to show you the next time we see him too.


Life can be so hard when you're four years old, can't it?


Sadly, it's getting dark by about 5pm these days. I still love that late afternoon light and the long shadows, even if I have to really hustle outside to capture its insane beauty just a few more times before the snow flies.



Sometimes I feel like I'm only standing at the edge of all that He has for me. Today I was reminded again that I am chosen. Loved. Cherished. Beautiful. Of sound mind. Marvelous. A daughter of the King. And not because of anything I've done but only because of who He is. Good stuff.



Marli said...

love it. i especially love the hats. :) too cute!

Dawson Cattle Company said...

i love the photos!

Andrea said...

Love the photo of your daughter in her glasses. So cute. She looks like she is thinking about some big stuff. And I can't wait to see your snow photos when it starts to fly!

stacey said...

I love the photo of the leaves. Love it.

And I just have to say how cute it was to read Caroline's contribution to the class book about Evie. I do believe I got a little teary eyed. You have one sweet girl, there.