[my life, my blessings, my journey]


today I am...

loving the song "a thousand years" by christina perri.

baking cornbread for the stuffing i will make tomorrow. yum.

battling a sinus infection. i forgot how yucky this feels.

missing my brother.

looking forward to out-of-town company this weekend.

feeling hopeful that God will relieve the anxiety and worry for one of my kiddos.

feeling uninspired in the photo department.

grateful for my many blessings.

posting a photo with myself in it. yikes!! that never happens. but izzie snapped this photo and it's so me - my long hoodie, leggings, no make-up, kissing my babies. she did alright. ;)






Andrea said...

I love that photo of you kissing you little one! Very sweet.
I hope your sinus infection gets better fast. No fun at all.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! :) Hugs!