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Several weeks ago, we took a family trip where the skies were blue and the wind was warm. And where everyone is always having a magical day. (wink wink)

Believe it or not, I left my big girl camera at home and only brought my trusty-rusty point and shoot. I know, I know....but I made it through and actually snapped some pretty decent photos. On a trip like that where my primary job is keeping track of the three living, breathing, beautiful children that I call my own, I just couldn't do the whole photography/present Mommy thing that I wanted to do. And ya know what? Mission accomplished. Some decent photos of our trip and our time together (I was even IN some of the photos!! gasp!) and I didn't miss my sweet Nikon a bit.




Purposely at Home said...

oooh! these are absolutely a-mazing!!

Stacey said...

Just goes to show that it's NOT about the camera. These were taken by a very talented photographer. They are lovely.