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elf cookies & christmas magic

I succumbed last year to the madness that is Elf on the Shelf. The girls squealed with delight as we read the book and named our very own elf. His name, you ask? Collin Nutcracker. Izzie wanted to name him Collin and Caroline was obsessed with nutcrackers last year and that was her vote - so, we compromised and now we have Collin Nutcracker.

Nightly trips to the North Pole must make a guy, even a pint-sized one, pretty hungry. So we made Collin some cookies tonight - don't they look delicious? Caroline carefully packaged them in a little box with a ribbon and a note. So precious. I often wonder how long this Christmas magic will last before I have to start bribing her not to let Jack and Iz in on "the secret". I'm hoping I have at least a few more years...this is just too much fun. To see the wonder and magic of Christmas through my children's eyes will never, ever get old.




Dawson Cattle Company said...

love the itty bitty cookies...i think we may end up with a elf for us and my brothers family!

Andrea said...

Look at those cute, itty bitty cookies! I'm starting to come around to elf on the shelf...maybe by next year. :)