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last of summer

Today we'll finish a busy week of last-minute school shopping and open houses for the girls. Come Tuesday, we'll be sending these three beauties off to school. Isabel to her last year of preschool, Caroline to first grade and Nana to her 34th year of teaching English to pimple-faced, hormone-crazed teens.

We're off to celebrate Labor Day in a big way, Wisconsin-style, this weekend. Don't worry - I'll eat some deep fried cheese curds for you. I'm all about taking one for the team. ;) Enjoy your holiday weekend, friends!




Jenny said...

Gorgeous photo. Got me a little teary-eyed. Cherish Grandma every day!!
Have a fun time in WI! I'm a born-and-raised cheesehead. ;-)

Andrea said...

Deep fried cheese curds?...Yea, I'll let you take that one for the team. ;-)
It's Max's last year of preschool as well...can't believe it.
Enjoy the holiday weekend, friend!!

Andrea said...

Oops...totally forgot to comment on the photos...(I was still trying to imagine deep fried cheese curds...)
The first one needs to be printed and put on a wall, ASAP! Love it! Happy girls and happy Nana. :) And I just love the composition on the second one...so summery!
Ok, now you can go enjoy your holiday weekend! ;-)

Sarah said...

Love, love, love that first photo!!!! Canvas??? Love it!!!

Dawson Cattle Company said...

Beautiful photo. tells a wonderful story! have a great holiday weekend..