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I did not get around to an inspiring blog tribute to my own mother yesterday - does she even read this thing? I did not take a single photograph yesterday. I simply enjoyed my three littles and, as I lay in bed last night thanking God for their sweet souls, I found myself wondering what they will say about me someday. What will my legacy to them be? My parenting style can often be very near-sighted. Sometimes out of necessity but often times because that's just my personality. I'm convicted to be more far-sighted and to really think about my children as someone's wife, husband, best friend, mother, father. I want them to know they are precious. Perfect in His sight. Wonderfully made. Cherished. I want them to love God and to have servants' hearts. These are the things I prayed for them last night.

"You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You are made for so much more than all of this. You're beautiful. You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His. You're beautiful." ~Mercyme




Dawson Cattle Company said...

wonderful! i did not take any photos yesterday either. just enjoyed the day with my 3 favorite people. i too wonder who they will be one day. because they are truely inspiring to watch at 8 & 10. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Great pics A - Reminds me how beautiful your Mom is . . . you get your eyes from the Crane side of the family. I too have contemplated my legacy . . . having lost my own mother, I know few of our life accomplishments are as lasting as the moments we give as Mothers. Your "far-sighted" parenting lies in those "near sighted" moments . . . the servants heart that is required of you as a parent, the kindness you show with each meal time and diaper change, the forgiveness that you give when they make a mistake, they watch our every move (a scary thought sometimes - but boy does it make us accountable!) . . . You are wonderful woman A, and you are raising wonderful little people!

Sarah said...

love the photo of C and your mom!