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{Random #1} The new Athleta catalog came in the mail yesterday. It's taunting me. Really. All the cute yoga tanks and running clothes, not to mention the great swim suits. I want to barf. Believe me, I know I need to get back into a regular routine of exercise of some kind but I'm just not feelin' it. Haven't been feelin' it for at least a year. A friend of mine mentioned a girls' running club. Sounds intriguing and motivating. Maybe some serious accountability is what I need.

{Random #2} C-bear has another wiggly tooth. Wiggly teeth kind of freak me out. They make my skin crawl. I wish she would just pull it out already. I would pull it for her if she would let me within a mile of it.

{Random #3} In the Midwest we talk about the weather all the time. We are obsessed. And I'm starting to get really ticked. It's cold and rainy again today and it's April 28. Seriously?! Could we please just see the sunshine for a bit? Is a little warmth too much to ask? Apparently so. Word on the street is that it's going to be 70 and sunny tomorrow. We'll see, Weather Boy. Izzie and I did pedi's this morning just in case we can bust out the flip flops and jellies tomorrow. A girl can dream.

{Random #4} I'm not sure I should be admitting this publicly but, while watching Modern Family with my hubs last night, I realized why we love that show so much. It's hilarious. And Matt = Phil Dunphee. Matt laughs hysterically at almost everything Phil says. Hmmm...wonder why. Probably because he does the same "gun show" joke all the time. Their sense of humor is way too similar...it's scary. I heart Phil.

{Random #5} We will most certainly be watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow. I'm totally wrapped up in the hype. The kids and I will be having tea and scones for breakfast while we watch beautiful Kate become a princess. I may whip out my British accent. Okay, I will for sure be serving breakfast with a British accent. For once it will be totally appropriate.

{Random #6} We began cutting out naps for Iz last week (my choice, not hers, though I am seriously questioning my decision on a daily basis from about 4 to 6 p.m.). Isaboo has fallen asleep on me 2 afternoons this week, as soon as I'm not watching her like a hawk. I know Girlfriend needs her sleep but so do I!! Going to bed at 10pm when you are 4 years old is just not an option in this house. Period. So she's sneaking naps now. Yes, I feel terrible. But then I laugh and grab my camera. When I'm all done snapping away, I wake the sleeping bear....and watch out!! No photos of that experience because it is a bit frightening until she calms down. Ha!

On Tuesday I found her hiding in her closet, fast asleep in her laundry basket. Today she fell asleep in the chair watching Olivia. And yes, even at 4, she still sucks her thumb. Don't judge. I'm not up for the battle of the century just yet.



Dawson Cattle Company said...

i always wonder if the clothes from athleta will motivate me to look as good as the models! and we love Modern Family too. those pictures are priceless. i remember our babes falling asleep in funny places...i soo miss that. take care, you will make it through.

Stacey said...

Love Athleta although I would probably never have the guts (or the money) to buy anything out of it. I am flat chested with a big butt and hips so really anything in that magazine would not look remotely cute on me.

I can't wait for nice weather tomorrow!! And I really need to paint my toes....thanks for the reminder.

I LOVE Modern Family and I LOVE Phil!!! The hubby and I rented the first season on NetFlix and laughed through the entire thing. SO funny. Love it.

Totally not into the wedding hype, but we will watch the wedding. Mainly b/c I want to see Evie's reaction.

All the pics of Iz are too cute. And Evie is almost 6 and still sucks her thumb. It's all good.

Kate said...

What an adorable Iz you have-just trying to grab as much of a snooze as she can without you finding her too quickly. Awe. I must say that the Royal Wedding has me hooked as, well. Thank goodness for our DVR. Some days I curse at the technology and days like tomorrow, I am soo grateful.

As for Modern Family, one of our favorite TV shows we watch in our household. I can totally see Matt laughing at all of the Phil comments. Too funny. Thanks for the smiles as I see your beautiful pics. Some day this summer, I would love to photograph your kids.

andrea said...

Random #1 - I just laughed outloud at your "I just want to barf" comment about that catalog. I get it. Glance at it and toss it in the recycle bin. My body is far too awful to even think about wearing those clothes. And I have an issue with paying a lot of money for clothes I'm going to sweat in. LOL!
Random #2 - Just reading this gave me a shiver. I am not sure how I'll cope with wiggly teeth when Max gets them. No way I'm pulling them, either!
Random #3 - We complain about the rain here. 9 months of rain. Blah. But it was sunny and 72 today! Hope the sun and warm weather visits you soon!
Random #6 - The thumb...If you find a great way to wean off the thumb let me know! Max is four and sucks his thumb. It's cute, but I wonder when he'll give it up.
The photo of your girl in the laundry basket in the closet is priceless! :-)
You asked about how I size my photos - I upload to flickr and then you can choose the size you want to copy and paste into your blog. Select your photo from your stream, click on the drop-down arrow by the Facebook and Twitter icons, then select grab HTML code and you'll see a drop-down box with size options. I use Medium 640. Hope this helps! You can always shoot me an email if you need more help. I'm not very tech savvy though. LOL.
(Sorry for the super long comment!)

Tracey said...

I just laughed at everyone else's comments! Those pics of your daughter are just so precious. My favorite is the one in the top right-hand corner. Love it.