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hulee hoop

Caroline's favorite birthday present was an $8 Cosmic Hula Hoop from my brother. According to Isabel, it's actually called a hulee hoop...just go with it, ok? Sometimes it's just easier and it's always funnier her way. Promise.

Turns out, Caroline is the only member of our immediate family who can successfully hulee for more than 2.4 seconds. I can't even remember being able to do it as a kid and Matt definitely can't do it...have you seen him dance? Scary. Scary. Scary. Maybe it's like rolling your tongue - either you can or can't do it and that's just the way it is.

Oddly enough, my brother can hulee too - but I think his record last night was about 21 seconds. Caroline's current record is 127 seconds. That's more than two minutes! I know, I'm a math whiz, right?! I can't stop laughing. Her hulee "technique" is evolving and hilarious. Her arms, her hips, her little tushie...it's all hysterical. After about 12 seconds, we all just burst out laughing and watch her go. And don't even get me started on my parents' hulee hoopin' skills...whoa. My side still aches from all the laughter in their living room last night.

The girls couldn't wait to hulee this morning after breakfast. My girls are not always in pajamas with crazy bed-head. Really. I know it may seem that way from the photos on this blog, but we do get dressed, brush the fur from our teeth and tame our manes on a daily basis. But not before we hulee. Rock on, birthday girl.





*Update: While waiting for the bus, she made it 187 seconds. New record. Just so ya know.



Love this photo of Isabel. And the infamous "bear bear" lovey makes her first appearance here on the blog. She (bear bear) really isn't as grody as she looks here. She has Oreo cookie crumbs on her sweet little face. Isabel may or may not have eaten Oreos after breakfast and then given bear some big time love. I may or may not have eaten Oreos after breakfast too. I did not, however, join in on the bear bear lovin'. Gross. Have you seen that thing?!

And check out little man. I forgot to change my ISO settings so this photo is super grainy but I still love it. Today I'm all about accepting what is good - his expression, his smile and the fun we were having with the hulee. I'm not about beating myself up over the grainy photos of my little love. So there.


Happy Monday!


Kammi said...

Love the hulee pics and update, and love the last pic just the way it is...seems like more of a memory that way, which it will be before long. Believe me, this time with your kiddos does really go fast. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Love it! I was laughing at the image of your mom and dad's hulee hoopin skills. Too funny!

Andrea said...

Oh how fun! I used to love to hula hoop. Can't do it anymore. LOL.
And the last photo of your little cutie is just so sweet. What a smile! I like the grain, too!