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starting somewhere

It's a cliche - "You've gotta start somewhere!" But that's just what I did this week.

Let me back up a little bit. I started on this photography kick just over a year ago. At the time I bought my DSLR camera it was kind of a whim. I was like 14 months pregnant with baby #3 and I was hormonal and not thinking rationally 99.7% of the time. I wanted to be able to take beautiful pictures of my family that I could be proud of and I wanted to capture everyday moments at home. Thinking back, I was tremendously overwhelmed at the thought of baby #3. I was panicking. In hindsight, I think I bought my DSLR as a way of saying to myself, "Do it! Do something for yourself that has nothing to do with these three little beings that consume your every waking minute." Now don't get me wrong - I adore my children and I enjoy being a stay-at-home mama. But for the past four years, they have been my life, my career, my passion, everything. I needed something of my own. Photography has been a tremendous creative outlet for me. I could never possibly know all there is to know about it and this is exciting to me. I'm constantly growing, learning and evolving in this area of my life. And yet it doesn't consume my life.

Fast forward to this week. My very sweet friend asked me to take some photos of her three kids. I couldn't believe she asked...and I was thrilled. I had no idea I would be in this place a year ago. But it feels good...it feels like going back to a place you've been before but haven't visited in a while. I feel a sense of accomplishment having given her some fairly decent photos of her kids. I caught their personalities and genuine smiles. The photos are not perfect - far from it. But I learned so, so much in the hour we spent together. For example, bathroom humor is always, always funny. And trying to get three kids to act naturally and smile genuinely is part luck, part strategy. And I have to brush up on my "Knock Knock" jokes.

A huge lesson I've learned this year about myself and photography - sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get it right. In some small way this week, I feel like I got it right.

Tucker - 5112011 004time

Tucker - 5112011 002time

Tucker - 5112011 091edit2

Tucker - 5112011 012time

Tucker - 5112011 063edit

Tucker - 5112011 024time

Tucker - 5112011 043edit

Tucker - 5112011 121edit

Tucker - 5112011 190edit2

Tucker - 5112011 026edit

Tucker - 5112011 153edit2 jpg

Tucker - 5112011 191edit

Tucker - 5112011 099edit


Dawson Cattle Company said...

too, too cute! you did great. i know how you feel. i have always loved taking pictures. and i love learning something new every time i pick up my camera...have a great day!

andrea said...

Oh my gosh! - you SO got it right, Amanda! These are all really great. I especially love the last two. Great black and white processing, too.
It's great that you've found that little piece of "you" that you remember. I think us stay at home mommas need to find that - whatever it may be.
I've always joked that I left the real Andrea behind at the hospital that day I had Max. She's wandering the halls trying to find her way back to me. :-)
Very lovely photos!
hugs - A

Sarah said...

Great job Amanda! Love the last one. It makes my hear melt...and they aren't even my kids!

Tracey said...

How exciting when someone acknowledges your talent by asking you to photograph their own kids! You did a beautiful job. We can only get better if we have these opportunities so yay for you in grabbing hold if it! Awesome job!
Love that last one a lot. :)