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fresh perspective

After a visit with our pediatrician and a pediatric opthamologist in the last few weeks, it was determined that Isabel needed glasses. She was thrilled with the idea. Four hours into this, she is not so thrilled. And there is absolutely no way to keep them clean and fingerprint-free. No. Way.

We've been told that the first week can be a little rough while she adjusts to wearing them and her eyes adjust to this fresh perspective. But we'll stick it out and we'll all get used to seeing her behind her snazzy new specs. Seeing her with glasses just makes me laugh and want to hug her a million times. I want to tell her she's beautiful and funny, not "Four Eyes." That will surely come.

I snapped a few images of her doing her happy dance (or somethin' like that...) when we got home. I said to her, "show me how excited you are about your new glasses!" and this is what you get....our funny, beautiful girl.



Sarah said...

Awww. How precious. I love the pink.

andrea said...

Sweet girl. She looks very cute in those pink glasses. :-)

Dawson Cattle Company said...


Stacey said...

Oh!!! There are her glasses!! Too darn cute.

And loved coffee in Cub last night. ;-) Had such a great time chatting with you. Feel blessed God has crossed our paths. :-)

Jenni said...

Isabel, you look darling in your new specs! So darn cute!