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Super Iz

Isabel was invited to a birthday party today...a party she was really, really looking forward to for lots of reasons.

{Reason #1} the little guy is such a cutie pie and he is her bestest friend at school (she says).

{Reason #2} She was going to the party by herself. A huge deal when you are three, especially since your older sister wasn't invited too. She only rubbed that in Caroline's face about 17 times since rolling out of bed this morning.

{Reason #3} There will be cake. And ice cream. Possibly Izzie's two most favorite foods in the whole world.

{Reason #4} The potential to score a Batman goodie bag. Girlfriend is all about the goodie bag. It's actually a little embarrassing. I picked her up from a birthday party several weeks ago and C's mom (thankfully, a friend of mine so I wasn't quite as mortified)told me that Isabel had asked her about nine times if she could have her princess goodie bag yet. Nice. Moving on...

{Reason #5} Did I mention there will be cake? And ice cream? Thoughts about what flavors said treats may be have consumed my girl's mind today. Seriously. If you know Iz, you know that I am sooo not exaggerating.

{Reason #6} She got to rock this super-sweet Super Iz ensemble. The birthday boy's mom called me about two hours before the party and said that he decided he wanted everyone to come dressed as superheros. Ooooooookay. So, I set to work trying to figure something out for Iz that she would actually wear. And this is what I came up with. Black shirt? Check. Black leggings? Check. Scrap black fabric from some other random project or last-minute costume? Check. A roll of insanely cute zebra print duct tape? YES!!! (Don't ask me why I have zebra print duct tape...I just do.) Score one for this mama.

She had a great time at the party. Of course, as soon as we piled into the Lady Limo to come home, she digs into her goodie bag. I hear squealing and she screams, "I got a diarrhea!" Whaaa??!! She got a princess DIARY in her goodie bag...whew.

As a side note to my photo friends, HELP! Check out the 2nd and 3rd photos below. It's more difficult to see on the b/w conversions but I'm having trouble with what appear to be huge window reflections on the kids' bodies or in parts of my photos. How do I fix this? It seems to happen more when I shoot wide open or close to wide open. Coincidence? Any thoughts or tips would be so greatly appreciated. :)








Sarah said...

O the diarrhea thing is so stinkin' funny! Love the costume...maybe I should invest in some zebra duct tape, just in case I need it. As far as the window reflections in your pictures, I have no clue....sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good night!

Kammi Hoyt said...

I LOVE your blog. You are such a closet comedian! I just giggle with your stories. The "diary" thing was soooo funny! And what a creative mama you are too. Bless you friend!