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one year

Today is the day, one year ago, that we welcomed our sweet little boy, John Matthew (Jack), into our world. As I remember that morning, the emotions and the elation all come rushing back. It's like I'm in that hospital room again, squeezing Matt's hand for dear life and knowing that we will meet our baby any minute. When my doctor told us he was a boy, I think Matt and I were both shocked and amazed. We loved the surprise. He looked just like Caroline did and, after his initial big cry, she laid him on my chest and he quieted almost instantly. He looked straight into my eyes as if to say, "hi Momma." In the quiet dark of that Northfield hospital room, our lives were blessed and transformed for the third time. Below are some images from that morning.

This is my amazing husband, Matt, holding Jack for the first time. He's wearing his "baby day" shirt, as we call it. He wore it during the labors and deliveries of all three of our babies and now that shirt has been retired. It's nestled in the keepsake box alongside the newborn beanies and coming-home outfits. I see that shirt and the tears begin to sting my eyes and wet my cheeks. He was such a proud papa that day.




And today. What a sweet and wonderful year it has been.



Amy said...

So So So sweet. What a gorgeous family you have. You're so lucky!

andrea said...

What a sweetie. He is a darling little boy! Happy Birthday!

Christine Crane Briere said...

So yummy . . . Hope to meet him soon!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!