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Ten years ago today I got married. I took solemn vows before my family, my friends and my God.I vowed to love, to honor and to cherish. And to submit.

I vowed in sickness and health, for richer and for poorer, in good times and in bad. I really hadn’t the faintest idea about any of those things because neither of us had been sick, we weren’t richer or poorer and the “bad” times hadn’t really been too tough.

Three houses, a cross-country move and back, career changes, three children and ten years have taught me much about all of those things. I think if I were taking my marriage vows today I would take them a lot more seriously. We were so young and so in love that all of those things seemed impossible or part of a distant future.

It has not always been easy. We spent our twenties figuring out who were were as individuals and as part of a marriage, together. We made conscious choices along the way to grow up together, seeking the Lord and one another first. During the darkest months of my entire life, he held my hand, held me whole.

It hasn’t always been easy, but it has never been complicated. I know that if I look to my left, he will be there. Reassuring, encouraging, challenging and cheering me on all the way. He is the steady, earthly rock that keeps me anchored, makes me laugh and loves me well. More than I deserve.

Along with my children, he is surely the greatest blessing the Lord has given me in this life. Here's to the next ten, Mr. M.

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Jenn said...

Happy anniversary! Awesome that you have found such a great eathly rock to keep you ground.

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you get to go do something fun together. :)
Beautiful words and photo.

Heidi said...

Congratulations on 10 years! And what a stunning photo.

Unknown said...

Happy anniversary!

Liza B. Gonzalez said...

Happy Anniversary. The photo put a punctuation mark on how you feel...love it!