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Linked 52: Defeat

Our boy loves to mow.
Phase One.

08 23 12_0000_edit

Phase Two. Negotiations for street mowing begin.
He is two. He loves to push the limits and test his boundaries. Mowing in the street is not allowed.

08 23 12_0003_edit

Phase Three. Defeat.
Sorry, Pal. Rules is rules. (My mother, the English teacher, is going to love that last one.)

08 23 12_0008_edit

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Jenn said...

ha ha, love that sequence.

Don't you know street mowing is way better than plain old ordinary grass mowing? :)

Tracey said...

Ahhh! I miss the pretend lawn mowers! Ours used to blow bubbles while you pushed it. :) And I'm lovin' all that green! Super adorable!

stacey said...

Oh my goodness. You captured it perfectly. Adorable.
(And Eli has that same mower but hardly uses it anymore, it's getting too big. *insert my pouty sad face*)

Andrea said...

Perfect capture of defeat! So cute. Love all of his curls.