[my life, my blessings, my journey]

if we were sharing a cup of coffee together...

I would be adding half-and-half and sugar.

I would still be in my jammie pants, hair in a ponytail. Glasses.

Sitting on my deck, taking in a beautiful morning.

Letting my kiddos watch Wild Kratts, silently praying that they will leave each other alone for just 10 more minutes. I am not really a morning person.

We may not really be talking much, just enjoying the quiet and the first part of the day together.

I would be thinking about how quickly things will change in just a few more weeks when I am putting TWO of my precious babies on the school bus for their first days of school. And how I'm not really sure how I feel about that yet.

I would be praying for our day, praying for you, praying for my kids, my sweet husband and my brother. Praying for the special soul that waits on him. Praying for guidance and clear direction and to be able to lay hold to all that He has for me.

And then I would step inside, step into my day as Mama and tickle the crazy outta this little love.

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