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{happiness is...} summertime

The way her hair lightens to pretty blonde highlights, the stuff we pay hundreds of dollars for as adults.

The lush green color of the shady grass in our backyard.

Flip flop tan lines.

Red Rover through the sprinkler. Neighbor kids laughing.


Sleeping in until almost 9am. The well-rested, deep sleep look she stumbles downstairs with each morning.

A string of lazy days at home.

The sweaty, sunscreen smell on their skin before bath time.

His Über curly hair.

Beautiful golden light.

All my little chicks home, close to the nest. Close enough to watch them, smell their skin, run my fingers through their hair as they pass by.

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Andrea said...

All lovely things...especially when the kids sleep till almost 9am. :) Pretty photos. Such a beautiful girl.