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sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes...

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07 12 12_0072_edit

07 12 12_0080_editBW

07 12 12_0064_edit

07 12 12_0028_edit

07 12 12_0086edit

10 minutes.

100 frames.


I encourage you today to spend just ten minutes doing whatever it is that makes your heart soar, whatever it is that lifts you up and makes you dance a crazy little jig in front of your kids.

The life I've been given is made beautiful in the living.


stacey said...

These are so beautiful, Amanda. I adore them.

And I love your words that accompanied them. Yes, life is made beautiful in the living. Live on.

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I could stare at them for a very long time. In fact I will likely come back to stare at them some more.
Beautiful light.
Beautiful words as well.
Life is beautiful in the living.

Naomi said...

Gorgeous. Love the black and white one but they are all lovely!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Brilliantly beautiful advice! : ) I love these images.

tracy said...

Beautiful! Great reminder that 10 minutes can create a little magic. Thanks :)