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Project 52 Week 4 {Imperfection}

I'm pretty sure the image doesn't need any explanation. As a type A personality, this sort of thing makes my skin crawl. But it is what it is....I just close the door and walk away. If I picked it up and made the bed, I'm fairly certain it would return to this state in less than 15 minutes. Ignore the mess? Problem solved. :)

Project 52 Week 4 {Imperfection}


ZeldaMom said...

Looks like what I lived with till my youngest flew the coop, then when they get their own place, it's all nice and neat! Pretty colors though. :-)

Andrea said...

Oh my! I'm fairly certain you just gave me a glimpse into what Max's room will look like someday... ;)
I'm type A about the living room and kitchen. Crazy type A. Constantly cleaning up the mess. I could spend my entire day cleaning up the mess. I don't mind the upstairs being messy - outta sight, outta mind!