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Week two of my Project 52. I'm still on the bandwagon! This week's theme was "Life." So broad and so open to interpretation. I don't normally do well in this atmosphere - that of the wide open, unknown, vast. I'm a details person and very Type A so its difficult for me to run with such a broad theme. I suppose it's just another way I'm learning to push and stretch myself in this new year.

I had an idea in my head for this week and the photo that I'm using is nothing like my original idea. I'm not even sure exactly how this reflection turned out this way. But I like it. It's far from technically perfect and the composition that I ended up with is a little...interesting. All that being said, I like it. Reminds me of life - we have ideas and hopes and dreams for ourselves and often the life we are given is nothing like we've imagined. And that's okay. And it can still be beautiful and unique.

P52 I Week 2  "Life"


Andrea said...

You said it. We are most certainly given something other than we had in mind. A very pretty reflection photo. I think it came out just as it was meant to be.

Anonymous said...

The themes all seem so simple. Until it comes to picking up the camera and trying to capture something. I think that is where our growth as photographers comes from though. Really pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Beautiful image. :)

Stacey said...

I think this is beautiful, Amanda.