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Linked 52: Cold

A group of insanely talented photographers (read: way more talented than I) are linking up this year to do a Project 52 of their own: Linked 52. They invited me to participate. I'm not sure how often I'll link up but I was able to run out this morning and snap something to go along with the theme this week. And, sadly, we have finally hit cold here. It's been really warm and beautiful here for January and we really don't have any snow. But this morning? It. is. COLD.

Linked 52: Cold

Have a peek at what my friends are doing too.



stacey said...

It is just BITTER here today, isn't it??? Brrrrr. We are camped out on the couch refusing to go anywhere. I know people are excited about a little snow, but give me the 50 degrees and sunny any day.

I'm so happy you are joining us for this. YOU are talented, Amanda. I adore you beautiful and simple photos. I can't wait to see more.

Jenn said...

Definitely looks cold. :) We've had one tiny little morning of snow here and that's been it for this winter.

Glad you're playing alone.

Unknown said...

Oh that looks bone chilling cold.
It reminds me of ice fishing.
Can't really do that this winter...

Andrea said...

Oh please, my friend! You are super talented. And I'm so happy I've gotten to know you through blogging and photography. If I could I'd just reach right through this screen and give you a big old hug! And I have to say I'm a wee bit jealous of your cold and snow. Though they are predicting snow here in Seattle and down in Camas this weekend. I just don't want to get stuck here. xo.

Just Rhonda said...

love it!! I am joining too an mu photo blog www.rhondasteed.com

Amanda Kelley said...

It's freezing here too... and it's not too early to complain, even despite the nice weather we have had! I like this shot---looks like skipping stones by a creek---made me think of spring!

Simply Sara said...

we have had the most wonderfully mild winter as well...until last week. and now it's just miserably freezing out.

i love this shot! so much beauty to be found in the cold, eh?
oh man, now i've given away the fact that i'm canadian. :)