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Do you ever get the feeling that something pretty great is just around the corner? That you're about to have some really good times and you should drink them in, hold on to them tightly and really be in the moments that lie ahead?

That's how I'm feeling tonight. All sappy and dreamy about our summer. My littles are 6, 4 and 15 months. Life is busy. Not gonna lie - there's plenty of whining, complaining, fighting, crying and bad attitude goin' around over here some days. But, honestly, I'm really looking forward to having all my little chicks close to the nest for the next three months. The four of us snuggled in Izzie's bed this morning and I heard the soft whisper that is becoming more and more familiar...."Don't let it be a blur. Soak it in. These are the days you will carry with you for all of your life." And it was then that I knew we are going to have a special summer. Lots of big things on the horizon - wedding, vacations, art camp, etc. But I'm also really looking forward to all the little things. Morning snuggles, park playdates, picnics at the beach, bike rides, mud-pie making. My prayer tonight - Lord, please don't let it be a blur.







Sarah said...

What a sweet post, Amanda!

Andrea said...

thank you for the reminder - don't let it be a blur. i tend to worry a lot about future stuff and am usually not very present. it's a struggle. and i'll take all the reminders I can get. :-) (And look at those sweet little faces...I love the first photo!)

Tracey said...

I feel as if I could have written this post bc I feel the same way! LOTS of stuff on our calendar, but trying to just take it day by day!
Today is errands, making berry cobblers for my BFF's bday, swimming, party tonight with friends. Tomorrow is a little road trip...
Enjoy your summer! Looking forward to your photos capturing some of your favorite moments.