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instagram = instalove

During my much needed respite from my big girl camera and this space, I took A LOT of photos with my iPhone. If you follow me on IG, you have seen these. (If not, I'm amroc18 over there.) There are so many great photography apps and filters and the possibilities are endless. My very favorite part? My phone is accessible, goes nearly everywhere with me (I have to draw the line somewhere, people- ha!) and it fits in my pocket. All of which make it the perfect way to capture all these little moments without skipping a beat. Many of these photos wouldn't exist if I'd had to run and grab my camera. Have you printed IG images before? What did you think?



stacey said...

I love seeing little bits of your life through your IG photos.

I've been meaning to print out some of those magnets. I have printed out a few of my IG photos...just square through WHCC, and they have turned out great. I haven't used any of those special IG places to print them out, but I've heard good things.

Naomi said...

I love these IG images! Im going to go follow you right now!

And i just printed some from postalpix. They turned out great. I did square ones. They shipped super fast too!

Andrea said...

Love to see your IG feed! Love the photo in the bottom left side...so cute...all sweet in bed.