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This little sweetheart turned two on Saturday. I say this every time one of my kids' birthdays rolls around - how can it be? How can he be two already? Seems like just yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby number three, excited to see if we would be adding a baby brother or sister to our family.

I also wonder this every year (and many times in between) - how is it that I was blessed with these precious children? For the blessing of this incredible son, I will be eternally grateful to the One from whom he was given.



Andrea said...

Sweetie pie boy. They do grow up far too fast. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize his birthday was last week... my how time flies by! Was thinking it was in April...Happy Birthday Jack! What a cutie!
Aunt Colleen

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Just my opinion, but I think he looks a lot like your mom!

stacey said...

Oh my, Amanda. He is just the cutest thing ever.