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Linked 52 {Spring}

This week started off grey. Dull. Dreary.

03 22 12_0031_edit

And we're ending the week with sunshine and blue skies. Spring is here.

03 23 12_0003_edit

03 23 12_0007_edit

03 23 12_0009_edit

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Unknown said...

That is truly spring around here too - rainy and grey one day, sunny the next. Today is a sunny one, thank goodness. :)

sara said...

oooh i love all of them.
so gorgeous!
my fav is the first one, such beauty in the dreary :)

Andrea said...

I love these! I would print them all and hang them in my bedroom! With those clouds so they're the first thing I see in the morning. Those clouds and blue sky are surreal looking. Beautiful. I hope the sunny skies stick around for you, my friend. :) We had a gorgeous sunny day today.

Unknown said...

The green is coming out so fast I swear I can see it happening.
I'm hoping we don't get one of those late season snow storms!!

stacey said...

Oh I just love the green that has come this week. It's almost neon it's so bright and beautiful. I feel like each year I'm more aware of it's arrival.

Love all of these but especially the pretty green in the last two. Yay for spring!!

Heather M. said...

so pretty! love all that green.

Kristin said...

wonderful spring photos! love new buds!

Jean said...

it has been nice. i know a little wet lately, but not too bad.

Naomi said...

Beautiful! You make dreary look beautiful in that first shot. The green is so bright in your photos. Love it!

Heidi said...

Stunning photos. Love that blue sky!!

tracy said...

what beautiful color!

rhonda said...

oh my i love these!! They totally feel like spring!

Liza B. Gonzalez said...

Wow, the contrast is amazing. The picture of the sky just pops!