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see you soon

I don't have many words for the "see you soon" we had to say last weekend. It was so hard. But it was also good. Necessary. Life-giving.

We adore you. The way they look at you and laugh, the smiles reserved especially for you, the hugs that last for minutes. These are the things we'll hold onto during the months ahead.

"To observe a Marine is inspirational; to be a Marine is exceptional." ~Unknown

2011 10 22_0103_editWeb

2011 10 22_0120_editWeb

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Sarah said...

Oh Amanda! The tears are flowing. Thinking of you guys. These pictures are priceless!

ccr said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. I'm sobbing as I write. You're absolutely correct.......hold onto these memories.

Auntie Cindy

Andrea said...

beautiful photos & memories for your family. :)

stacey said...

((Hugs)) to you.

These photos are so precious and I'm sure they will be cherished. It's obvious your kids adore him! The second to last one of J looking up...melt my heart. Sweetness.

I hope you enjoyed your pumpkin pies and your time together. xo