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totally random tuesday

well, hello there. life is busy, right? i have a lot on my plate right now but i found a few minutes this evening to snap some photos of my own littles while we played in the backyard, savoring the indian summer we're having. fall is my very favorite time of year. i love everything about it - the smells, the leaves, the chill in the air (even though it was 83 degrees here today...)

some random photos and some random thoughts to go along with them:

yep. she's alllll mine.


dirty, bare feet in october in minnesota. crazy! and head first down the slide. something's not going to end well here.


if you are my 18-month-old son, this is no ordinary slide. it is an olympic luge track and you are going for american gold, baby. my son isn't wearing any shoes. no, we are not hilbillies. i pick my battles and it was almost bathtime anyway. yes, he has a big boo-boo on his face and eye. this crazy kid jumped off the olympic luge track the other night and his poor little face met the mulch and paver stones below. ouch.


be still, my heart. my amazing, beautiful boy. i never cease to wonder how i was so infinitely blessed with these children.


the massive oak trees in our back yard have started dropping their leaves. oak leaves = fall. fall = love.


and this? this is just a sample of some of the gorgeous sunsets we've been seeing here lately. and this is a shot taken straight-out-of-camera. no editing, no fussing, no tweaking. it's not perfect. and i happen to really like it.




Dawson Cattle Company said...

so much fun! we run around in bare feet a lot. i dont like to wear socks! haha...and that sunset is marvelous. happy week to you!