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Is there really such a thing as balance after you become a mother? The answer is simple, right? Yes. And no.

These days, I find myself in a constant balancing act - sparkly pink shoes and multicolored manicures for the girls or cleaning my bathroom? Dusting every surface of my house (which I assure you NEEDS to be done) or orchestrating and judging another American Girl fashion show? Taking photos and becoming more proficient in Photoshop or spending some time with the hubs after the kids are in bed? Helping my kids find themselves while not losing myself along the way. That's the balance.

I have committed to being more intentional with my time and with my family. Less Facebook. More dress-up. Fewer cartoons and Disney movies. More family reading and listening to Caroline read to us. More all-out family room dance parties after dinner. More listening, more serving together, more focus. Good things.



Jenni said...

Nicely put, Amanda. I like :)

Andrea said...

Oh how I struggle with this issue of balance every day.
It is a balancing act.
(Found your blog through s, d, & double e.)
Love the photo! Sparkly shoes and nail polish. :-)