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I love a random list....

I always enjoy reading blog posts with random lists of things - things she likes, books she's read, favorites. It often gives me pause - what books am I reading? What IS my favorite color? What's the most moving thing I've read or seen lately?

I love the color orange. I would not have said this as a child...or even two years ago.

I'm reading "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten-Boom. Have you read this?

There is always a stack of books, bibles, devotionals and journals on my nightstand. My husband asks me what time the library opens and if the book he placed on hold last week is in yet. Smarty pants.

99.9% of the recipes I've pinned on Pinterest lately contain avocados. This means a.) I love avocados and b.) I can't wait for summer and all those yummy avocado salads and fresh farmers market produce.

99.9% of the recipes I've made from Pinterest lately have been a bust.

I am blessed to have several wonderful girlfriends right now that speak encouragement and loving truth into my life. I have not always had this.

I am learning that the harder I fight against His purpose for me, the more bold and unrelenting He becomes. I am learning that I have to find a way to ditch my insecurity and be confident in who He is calling me to be. This. is. hard.

Last but not least, Downton Abbey. Obessed.

And I cannot leave this post without a photo. My sweet boy.

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stacey said...

Can we just talk about avocados a second? I've been obsessed, too. I buy them in bulk at Costco and smash them up with a bit of lime and salt and eat them with chips for lunch. Obsessed I tell you.

What a blessing to have those girlfriends in your life. I think as I grow older I've realized how important this is, and how it's very hard to find those "real" friends that speak encouragement and TRUTH.

Insecurity....wow. This seems to be popping up in my life all over the place lately. It is so hard to find that way to get rid of it. It's a constant struggle for me.

I have yet to jump on the Downton Abbey band wagon, only because I know once I start I'll be glued to the TV for three straight days. Darin is out of town in a few weeks so I plan on spending my evenings catching up on all the hype. :)

And the photo? It's one of my favorites that you've ever shared, A. What a love.