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Linked 52: Lighting Experimentation

So, can I just say that nearly EVERY photo I take could qualify for lighting experimentation? I'm still learning every time I pick up my camera how to find the best light, how to work with the available light and how to find my own style using all the gorgeous light we see every single day.

I quickly snapped this photo one night this week after bath time. My oldest snuck into her room with the iPad and hid under her quilts to play some Fruit Ninja (or was it Angry Birds? or hopefully, maybe, something educational?). She knows that if the other two littles see her playing, she won't have any time to herself. And she is sweet enough and giving enough that she would very likely just hand the iPad over to one of the two squeaky wheels rather than listen to them whine for their turn. Oh, my girl. Love you.

linked 52: lighting experimentation

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Project 52 Week 25 {Fatherhood}

I'm pretty sure this photo doesn't need many words.

Which is why I adore it.

Isn't this the point I want to achieve with my photos? To communicate emotion and deep feelings without having to say a word.
Yes, I think so.

Normally these two are chasing, wrestling and head-butting one another. This is a nice change of pace. Especially for mama. Love my boys.

Project 52 Week 25 {Fatherhood}

Project 52 Week 24 {texture}

Yes. I said I was going to do a Project 52 this year. Yes. I said that I was going to keep up and push myself to really stick to the theme and post my photos. And, yes, I've fallen way, way behind. My Type-A self is not going to sweat it though, I'm just going to jump back in with both feet, okay? Good. Glad we had this chat. On to Week 24's photos!!

The theme was texture. I wasn't really sure where I wanted to take this but while out explorin' with my littles, they constantly pointed out all the different plants, flowers, trees, leaves and textures we were seeing everywhere. Bingo. I love how lush the greens look in these photos and the sunlight pouring through the leaves in the first.

Project 52 Week 24 {texture}

Project 52 Week 24 {texture}

instagram = instalove

During my much needed respite from my big girl camera and this space, I took A LOT of photos with my iPhone. If you follow me on IG, you have seen these. (If not, I'm amroc18 over there.) There are so many great photography apps and filters and the possibilities are endless. My very favorite part? My phone is accessible, goes nearly everywhere with me (I have to draw the line somewhere, people- ha!) and it fits in my pocket. All of which make it the perfect way to capture all these little moments without skipping a beat. Many of these photos wouldn't exist if I'd had to run and grab my camera. Have you printed IG images before? What did you think?


{happiness is...} in the will of God

pretty evening light

There is one safe and happy place, and that is in the will of God. ~David Livingstone

...and away she went

While biking home from the park yesterday afternoon, I casually mentioned to my sweet 5 year old that maybe we could take her training wheels off this summer. She didn't say much, just kept pedaling. In Isabel-speak, that means "We're done here. No more discussion, please." And so I left it. I didn't want to push her - I've learned how well THAT goes.

As soon as Daddy walked in the door last night, the first words out of her mouth were, "Daddy, can you take my training wheels off tonight?" We exchanged 'that look' - you know, the one that says, "I'm not really too sure about this because I can see how it will go down if it doesn't go well the first time for her."

Turns out,she's a natural. I held on for the first few shaky turns of the pedals and then she was off. Honestly. She had no trouble at all and just pedaled away. Matt and I just looked at each other in total disbelief and then I teared up. Of course.

As soon as I could pull myself away from watching, I ran inside to grab my camera. That tells you how unlikely I thought this whole first-time scenario was - I didn't even have my camera outside. I snapped a few photos in the beautiful evening light. I fell asleep last night feeling so proud of my girl and thanking God for His still small voice reminding me, "Don't doubt this one. She will surprise you again, and again, and again."


06 11 12_0041 edit

06 11 12_0044_edit

06 11 12_0008_editBW

last day {first grade}

Today is her last day of first grade.

To be honest, I'm ready to close the chapter on this school year.

She is amazing and my constant prayer for my children is that God will lift them up so that they may see themselves from His perspective.


Daddy escorted her to school this morning old-school style in his '53 Bel Air. I have a feeling my girl felt just a little bit like a rock star this morning. I know I would have.

06 07 12_0007_editBW

After a much needed break, I'm ready to be back. I will be playing some photo editing catch-up in the next week or so and hope to begin sharing more photos soon. I've missed you.